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Bergamot Enamel Pin

Bergamot Enamel Pin

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‧ Size: 35mm
‧ Thickness: 2mm
‧ Hard Enamel Pin
‧ Gold Finish

Cast a spell of cuteness with our bergamot enamel pin!

If you’re a fan of all things cute and magical, you’ll love our bergamot enamel pin! Inspired by the enchanting scent of bergamot, this pin is a must-have for anyone who loves adorable accessories with a touch of wizarding world flair.

Our bergamot enamel pin features a sweet and cheerful design in vivid yellow and green colors, with a shiny gold outline that adds a magical sparkle. It’s made of high-quality metal and enamel, and comes with two secure rubber clutch back that will keep it snugly attached to your favorite bag, jacket, or hat.

Wearing this pin will not only make you look cute and stylish, but also fill your day with the refreshing scent of bergamot, as if you were sipping a cup of tea in Hagrid’s hut.

So if you want to add some cuteness and magic to your life, grab one of our bergamot enamel pins today! They make a perfect gift for yourself or your wizarding world-loving friends.

Original artwork by Pepzart © & Joanna Behar ©.

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