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Kuromi Werewolf : Blind Box

Kuromi Werewolf : Blind Box

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Kuromi Werewolf Special Edition Blind Box! Discover 8+1 kawaii werewolf designs drenched in mystical purple. Who'll find the secret one? Unbox to join the magic!

Note: Each full case in this series contains 8 unique figures that are not repeated. If there is a secret figure in the case, one of the basic figures will be randomly replaced for it. 

What's a Blind Box?
Imagine a little box of mystery, waiting for you to unwrap its secrets! Inside, there's a surprise toy from a special collection. 
Want them all without repeats? Get a full case set and maybe, just maybe, you'll find that extra special hidden gem. Happy unboxing!

Shipping Note: Your magical Kuromi Werewolf Blind Boxes will be winging their way to you during the last week of October! Thanks for your patience, and get ready for a sprinkle of purple mystery!

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