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Octokirby Pin

Octokirby Pin

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Fall in love with the Octokirby enamel pin, a Valentine's Day treasure that's as cute as a button!

At a petite 35mm, this pin is a tiny token of big love, featuring a loveable Kirby-turned-octopus with a heart-shaped lollipop clutched in its tentacles.


It's the perfect size to be pinned on a lapel, bag, or hat, adding a dash of adorable to any outfit. Each glance at the shimmering pink enamel will remind you of sweet Valentine's moments.

Whether you're gifting it to your crush, a dear friend, or keeping it for yourself, the Octokirby pin is a small but mighty way to celebrate the season of love with a pinch of playfulness and a whole lot of heart!

  • Gold Plated
  • 35mm approx
  • Logo Backstamp


Original artwork by Pepzart ©.

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