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Sanrio Vitality Peach Paradise : Blind Box

Sanrio Vitality Peach Paradise : Blind Box

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This special set features all your favorite Sanrio characters dressed in cute pink outfits that smell like delicious peaches! The packaging looks shiny and pretty, and it even has beads that smell like peaches. Join the Sanrio family and enjoy the fresh and fruity vibes of summer with this lovely collection!

Note: Each full case in this series contains 6 unique figures that are not repeated. If there is a secret figure in the case, one of the basic figures will be randomly replaced for it. 

What's a Blind Box?
Imagine a little box of mystery, waiting for you to unwrap its secrets! Inside, there's a surprise toy from a special collection. 
Want them all without repeats? Get a full case set and maybe, just maybe, you'll find that extra special hidden gem. Happy unboxing!

Shipping Note: these are pre-orders and ready to ship by October 26th 2023.

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