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The Pumpkin King Blank Notebook

The Pumpkin King Blank Notebook

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It's more than just a notebook; it's a miniature embodiment of Jack's adventurous spirit and penchant for exploration...

This notebook is a perfect reminder of the whimsical world of Halloween Town and the magic of storytelling. As you glance at it throughout the day, you're reminded of Jack's journey from Pumpkin King to discovering Christmas, a tale of curiosity and the search for something beyond the familiar.

This notebook will be perfect as a conversation starter and a subtle statement of your love for all things spooky and imaginative.

- A6 format
- 50 Blank pages
- Gold foil details

Please note: The gold detailing on your bookmark is made with a delicate material and may tarnish with frequent or rigorous use. We recommend handling these items with extra care and understand that some natural tarnishing is to be expected over time.

Original artwork by Joanna Behar © & Pepzart ©.

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