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Wolfsbane Pin

Wolfsbane Pin

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‧ Size: 35mm
‧ Thickness: 2mm
‧ Hard Enamel Pin
‧ Gold Finish

Add a touch of magic to your outfit with our Wolfsbane Pin from the wizarding spells collection! This enamel pin is the perfect accessory for any Harry Potter fan who loves unique and mystical designs.

Featuring the iconic wolfsbane plant from the wizarding world, this pin comes in four gorgeous colour variants – Blue, Pink, White, and Lilac – each with a stunning pearlescent effect. The intricate design captures the delicate yet potent nature of this herb, making it a must-have for any potion-making enthusiast or werewolf sympathizer.

Our Wolfsbane Pin is approximately 35mm in size and 2mm thick, with a high-quality hard enamel finish that is both durable and eye-catching. The shiny gold outline adds a touch of sophistication to this whimsical design, while the double rubber clutch backings ensure that it stays securely in place on your favourite bag, jacket, or hat.

Whether you’re a fan of books, or movies, or simply love magical accessories, our Wolfsbane Pin is a perfect addition to your collection. So why not choose your favorite color variant and add a little bit of wizarding world charm to your everyday look?

Original artwork by Pepzart © & Joanna Behar ©.

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